Collaborative Studio

Our research topic was chosen to be the theme for another course again in Spring 2020. This time, the course was a collaborative studio made up of third-year and fourth-year students across industrial design, interior design, and visual communications.

For the second part of the semester, we were divided into teams of three and tasked with developing the core concept of one of the prototypes from the Garage Remix Workshop.

  1. Find the core "golden nugget" within the prototypes created during the Garage Remix Workshop
  2. Develop the golden nugget to a final concept

Nadia Ayad

Nimishi Hirani

Leila Akberdin

Worldwide Interaction

Each floor has an individual theme connecting the user to their community and their past. Interactive music elements allow users to leave their mark through a collaborative jukebox.

Starting Concept

Our team focused on deducing the "golden nugget" from the world of interaction concept.

Upon our ideation, we determined that the golden nugget was the collaborative music element. We found the element of connecting people through music allowed for choice, a way to make an impact, and a way to connect people to each other. Therefore, moving forward, we focused on ideating accordingly.

Project Development

At this point in time, COVID-19 had sent our university home for online schooling. Therefore, project development took place over zoom amid the transition to online living.

Final Concept: Spotlight Songs

Spotlight Songs is an interactive installation in Ohio State’s parking garages that changes a normally mundane experience into a deeply personal yet communal interaction. The installation features an interactive and collaborative music experience through the use of pathways, directional speakers, and collaborative Spotify playlists. The intent of this intervention is to provide a moment of playful pause within an otherwise mundane space by connecting passersby to each other and to moments in time.

Other Research Components

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