Garage Remix Workshop

Our research topic was chosen to be the theme for another course again in Spring 2020. This time, the course was a collaborative studio made up of third-year and fourth-year students across industrial design, interior design, and visual communications.

For the first part of the semester, we were tasked with designing a two-day collaborative prototyping workshop focused on cultivating a "culture of care" on campus; beginning with redesigning parking garages.

  1. Gain insight into the motivations behind user's ideal "culture of care experience."
  2. Generate five usable co-created concepts and prototypes from the three categories of Beautification, Activation, and Transformation of Use.

My Role

My main responsibilities included helping to design the workshop activities and acting as the lead facilitator during the workshop. I also served as a point person between different teams to ensure the execution of the workshop ran smoothly.



Our Documentation and Recruitment Teams did a great job designing our outreach materials to the right. They were distributed as flyers and social media posts via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The materials were linked to an Eventbrite registration page.

Overall, we had a total of 33 people sign up and an attendance of 23 people.

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Workshop Plan


This day was centered around structured activities designed to stimulate innovative ideas within the scope of creating a culture of care in the gargage.

Post-It Activity

Participants were given a post-it to answer a question about the parking garage experience. 

Experience Map

Participants were asked to map how they would experience their interventions throughout the garage.

Creative Unblockers

Activities designed to stimulate creativity if a group finds themselves stuck.

Word Map

Ideation activity through the use of select words from a provided card deck.


Various materials ranging from paper, foam core, and cardboard to projectors, LED lights, speakers, and more were provided.


Participants were asked to make a final method of presenting their prototype (demonstration, slide deck, video, etc.)

Newspaper Article

Participants were asked to summarize their concept as if it would be featured in a local newspaper.


This day was centered around finalizing a concept and creating prototypes to understand how the idea may manifest within the space of the garage.

Pilot Test

We tested our plan on other members of the collaborative studio to see if the activities garner the types of ideation we were looking for. 

They gave us really great feedback about the importance of our wording when conducting the activities.

As a result of this testing, we were able to straighten out our activities and create a script/facilitation guide for group leaders of the workshop.

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Turn Out

Final Prototypes

1. Big Swing Energy

A swing installation connecting the inside of the garage to the outside through the use of play

2. Communion

A transformation of the top of the garage into a social space featuring gardens, hang out areas, and an interactive wall that gives a sense of place.

3. Floor Wars

Turning the garage into a game through the use of touch screen voting systems. Majority votes control the colors of the lights to promote community building and interaction.

4. The Wall of ____________

Interactive and changeable wall to beautify unkempt walls within the garage. Wall responds to users presence and presents them with positive interactions.

5. Worldwide Interaction

Each floor has an individual theme connecting the user to their community and their past. Interactive music elements allow users to leave their mark through a collaborative jukebox.

Overall Insights

1. People want choices

A theme throughout the research was longing for choice within interactions with spaces and interventions.

3. People want to feel impactful

A third pattern that arose was a longing to feel like actions have a positive and lasting impact on surroundsings. Want for the ability to "Leave their mark."

2. People want to feel connected

Another pattern seen throughout the research is the longing for a feeling of connection to other people, resources, their surroundings, and the future.

4. People want to cared for

A final theme that emerged was the longing to feel cared for. People want to feel as though there was a thought for their own well-being.

Other Research Components