Industrial Design Studio

The topic of mental health was chosen by our research instructor as the project brief for the first three weeks of our sophomore industrial design studio class. This was done to aid in our research as well as expose the rest of our class to the topic.

Our class was paired in teams of two and asked to create one coercive and one motivational conjecture to address suicide prevention and mental health awareness in parking garages. We were asked to do so using the C-K Theory as our methodological framework.

  1. Gather a multitude of conjectures to analyze for themes in motivational strategies.


Isabelle Rea

Leila Akberdin

Final Result

Below are two conjectures and their respective C-K maps that I created in partnership with Isabelle Rea.​ All the conjectures created by the students in this design sprint were then used in conjunction with findings from secondary research, the expert workshop, and the codesign research to deduce motivational design strategies.

Other Research Components